Floor Demolitions

Set Your Project Up for Success

Set Your Project Up for Success

Before getting new flooring, remember to schedule floor demolition in Hesperia or Victorville, CA

Dazzling, long-lasting floors require careful preparation of the substrate and often removal of an existing floor covering before installation. Without the proper preparation, the new flooring system may not bond with the substrate. This is the most important process and not a step to overlook if the desired result is a quality, long lasting floor. That's why you should hire Unlimited Concrete Engraving for floor demolition services in Hesperia or Victorville, CA.

Our floor demolition technicians pay attention to detail and go the extra mile to grind, patch, and expose fresh concrete in preparation for the type of floor covering you have planned. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Leave the hard work in our capable hands

When you hire Unlimited Concrete Engraving for floor demolition services, we will prep your floor as needed before polishing, installing epoxy, staining or sealing to ensure the highest quality finished floor. This will make your new flooring look great and stand up to years of wear and tear.

Schedule an appointment today to get help from our experienced floor demolition pros.