Acid-Stained Concrete

Make Your Floor Unique

Make Your Floor Unique

Opt for our acid-stained concrete in the Hesperia or Victorville, CA area

Your concrete should have the exact look that you want, whether that's beige and solid or colorful and varied. When you want the latter, you can turn to Unlimited Concrete Engraving. We provide concrete staining services in Hesperia, Victorville, CA, and surrounding areas in Orange County and the High Desert area.

Our company owner will:

  • Use acid to etch your concrete's surface
  • Spray one or several colors of stain onto the surface
  • Let the stain and acid react and soak into the concrete
  • Seal your acid-stained concrete

Your concrete will have subtle variations in color, somewhat like marble or a watercolor painting. Go to the Gallery page right away to see beautiful acid-stained concrete.

An acid-stained floor adds industrial style to your space

Concrete staining can enhance your basement, garage, store or other space with an industrial atmosphere. It has a lightly weathered appearance with rich color and a subtle or bright shine, depending on the sealant you choose. You can spruce up your space by staining your concrete right away.